Ad detail and tasks

Vacation Timeshare Rentals  
3 Accounts discounttimeshares, rickdrose, and ricksbuys.  Free lifetime ads and others are free but expire in May?  I'm unsure what happens then. Clean up the paid ones with HTML and hopefully a resort link.  When we see what happens when they expire we can work on the others.
20 Paid ads. $3,000/year.  We want the resorts that have the best balance between possible replies and availability We need to clean them up, HTML?, make sure our resort link is on each one and rotate as needed to reflect availability and response.
We rotate every few days, plan to keep some ads with links and let them sit for the entire time. 1.  Get pricing chart out of ad.
  2.  HTML on all ads.
  3.  Set up ads that will stay.  New every 15 days.
Vacation Rental Galore  
  They'll give us a couple of good ads.
US Beaches  
  Put all waterfront ads in.
Ebay classified Up to 25/day, no HTML, photo problem
Adventurepads Whistler only? - ad needs finishing for amenities
  Allows 1 link, add  listings. Looks like we can advertise other places now.
Rent Quickly  
Only 1 ad for free.  No links.  1 month ad. Find out if we can have a listing that doesn't book on-line. Allows links, good to add all the resorts, free, good for 30 days.  Use e-mail address of resort to set up/use account.
Vacation Bug Looks like pay as book site.  Does take HTML so maybe ok to increase traffic.
BidShares Auctions
Timeshare Helper