1.  5% discount to anyone who comes back to us.  They have to ask for it.  Just give it.

2.  Code 10

    to anyone who qualifies for discounts on the discount page.

    anytime you can't give someone the dates they request.

3.  R2 (cell AA11)  When you really need to give an extra discount because of greater inconveniences or if it is what it will take to negotiate the booking.

4.  LRA:  Lowest rate available.  This is the rock bottom rate.  We can't make a profit booking everything at this rate.  However, if the choice is for a particular booking, LRA or nothing, it's better to book at LRA.


When you are booking more than one time frame, be careful not to give both R2 or LRA and deduct the $40 or $50 booking fee as well.  If you are using R2, take off $30, and if LRA, you can take off $15 for each extra leg needed.


When you run into these extreme inconvenience cases or anytime you think a substantial discount is in order, and I'm not around, just do it.

If I am available to review, it's best to quote Code 10 and make a note to the guest.

  "I will have the owner review your situation and give you whatever additional discounts he can."

Then bcc me on the answer.