TEAM "Rules"

Minimum time:

Please put your expected time on the calendar for at least 5 times per week at least 1/2 hour per session.


Scheduled time

Please try to schedule your expected time at least 2 days in advance.

If you are unable to answer e-mail when you schedule or will be more than 30 minutes late starting, please e-mail the team with as much notice as possible.

Unless you have seniority, do not schedule your end time within 1 hour of the next person's start time.  If you have seniority, you may schedule at the same time as someone who has less seniority and "bump" them provided you schedule at least 2 days in advance.

All scheduling less than 2 days in advance will be first come first served rather than seniority.

You may log-in at any time as long as you check the calendar first.  If you are going to log-in, go to the calendar and put yourself on for as long as you intend to make replies.  Whoever is on the calendar first gets the time.

It is my goal that we have no more than 2 hours between replies from 8AM to 10PM.  If we are ever short staffed, please try to schedule your time 3-4 hours apart from anyone else.


1.  Lacey

2.  Emily

3.  Natalie

4.  Katherine

5.  Katelynn

6.  Kelli


The blue highlights are our e-mail answering team.  Natalie will be helping with follow ups, bookings and business building.  At this time she is not going to be scheduling for replies.  Emily is on leave for a few months.  She will fill in if really needed. 


To start, I have a training manual that explains how to answer e-mail. All of your answers will be in draft mode and not sent. They will be reviewed by someone else and if there are mistakes, you can either look at them later or the correct reply will be BCC'd to you so you can learn.