When we have a lot of availability for a certain time period, we offer specials.  Those are clearly different in the ads because they have specific prices in the ad title and the guest needs to note they are responding to a special to get the lower price. 

Specials should be listed on the Resort Information document.  They will be coded with the explanation above.  $30/$57 means $30 reservation/cleaning fee and $57/night.

Here is an example:

Clock tower 57 special

I was wondering if your $57 special is still available...

In this case, you will when quoting the price either just compute it manually like this:

3 Days at $57 plus $30 fee = $201

or just go to the rate calculator and put in the $57 instead of the current price and change the fee if different and it will recalculate for you.


No further discounts on these rates without approval.