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Ads are rotated depending on how many unit each resort has and how many daily postings there are in the location we're posting in.  

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When you've completed your posting for the day, if you've posted C,D or E accounts, delete the CL C3, or CL D2 and put it on the calendar either 2,3 or 7 days later respectively.  That way, whoever is posting knows which accounts they should be posting.

Creating an ad:  Use the other ads as a template.  It's important to take off tax for title.  Hawaii 13%, Washington 11%, Mexico  3 %.  To do so, you divide the after tax price by 1.taxrate.  After tax $113/1.13 = pre-tax $100 where the tax rate is 13%.
Special ads:  On Monday through Friday, look 40-50 days out on the availability calendar for each resort.  Put in special ads for any resorts that have at least 4 days in a row.  When renewing/reposting special ads, check availability and either post as is, adjust or don't renew depending on new availability.  Rotation will be every 2 days (check availability).  Example (Day 1, studio, Day 2 1 bedroom, or 1 bedroom in different month) All special ads in E.  To determine rate, add $10 to the booking fee, reduce the daily rate by $5/day.  If the lowest rate is a 60 day rate, put a "P" on the end.  Take off tax for title.  Hawaii 13.4%, Washington 11%, Mexico  3%.  Code is 2 letters for resort, bedroom size, cleaning/reservation fee, nightly rate, if we're using points. (OA16055P)

  If you believe we have a good chance of renting a particular time frame, call and put it on hold and note it as a special ad instead of a guests name.  Especially on Fridays, put on hold good time periods that are 7-40 days out.  Don't put anything on hold on Fridays for special ads for dates under 7 days as it keeps other owners from booking last minute availability.

Special Ad further explanation

Ghosted ads with links.  (Location) Discount Vacation Rentals  These ads get ghosted most of the time.  We put them in to increase web presence for the links on the ads.  Try to post again about every 6-7 days.  Don't delete the old ads.  It is very important to leave the old ads as the longer they are on the internet, the more it helps our web presence.


CANCELLATION SPECIAL!!!   August 7th checking out August 13th, 1 bedroom.  Total nightly cost $70 including all fees and charges except one time cleaning fee of $60.

This unit in excellent condition normally rents for much more than this.  We'd rather make something, and give a guest a good value than leave it vacant. 

We do have later dates available at about 10% higher prices so feel free to ask.  We may also have some shorter stay rentals available.

To get this special offer, please mention code "VI16070" when you reply.  We'll reply with links to our website with photos and complete rate structure.

This is a 1 bedroom unit. 

Wording to make each ad different when posting different unit sizes each day.
This unit is owned and operated by a major timeshare company.  It is professionally maintained and operated.  There is on-site or close by staff available to meet any needs you may have.


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